NBA Front Office is a fantasy league like no other you’ve ever seen. More importantly, it’s a mathematical experiment started in 2012 to celebrate the game we all love in the nerdiest way possible, and one we’re all still learning from. It is completely free of charge, and it is not about winning. The main focus has always been on developing an active and friendly community of intellectuals who struggle to fully enjoy the simplistic world of other fantasy games.

This has several major consequences, e.g. rules simpler than you’d imagine because we simply follow the CBA, and a¬†forum format you won’t find anywhere else: an entire section dedicated to ever ongoing rules brainstorming, and another entire section dedicated to media coverage, where each franchise and each agency keep their blogs to inform and entertain the public. The more creative the better!

There’s also a parallel world of agents competing to represent free agents in negotiations with your franchises. Before the summer, the agencies hold an auction for each upcoming free agent, trying to decide how much to invest in the right to represent a given player. Once the July Moratorium arrives, NBA franchises get in touch with the player’s representative, who tries to negotiate the most lucrative deal in order to make a profit.

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My name is Daniel, 38. Born and raised in Poland, studied in Germany, been living and working as an engineer and public servant in the Hague for over a decade now – so feel free to address me in English / German / Dutch / Polish / Spanish if needed. The only minor communication hiccups are my constant travels and the time zones, as NBAFO proudly spans across 5 continents.